Month: January 2021

Why you should experience camping with dome tents

The idea behind dome tents is as old as time. The first dome structures were built from natural materials. It is scientifically believed that these were the sort of structures the first humans lived in. Dome tents have gradually evolved to become places of study, worship, and homes. These structures have become distinctive features of great civilizations. Unlike conventional dome tents, Geodesic dome tents are resistant to rough weather and more durable. They are good for camping in the wilderness during winter. The geodesic dome is structurally designed to distribute stress evenly within the dome. This allows the geodesic dome structure to withstand a heavy load. Geodesic dome tents are structurally modified dome tents. This article will look at what dome …

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The Comeback of Ceramic Christmas Trees and Decorations

Decorating your home is one of the most exciting things to do with family and friends this Christmas season. Ceramic Christmas trees were introduced in the ’40s. They were used to beautify the home during the Christmas holidays and they are making a comeback in recent times. So, are you looking to revive the vibes from the vintage era with a touch of modern designs? Ceramic Christmas trees are your best pick. You can get them from stores that sell ceramic Christmas trees Wholesale. Look up some retailers as well. It only begins to feel like Christmas when you have the perfect Christmas tree. Decorating for Christmas is made easy with ceramic trees. You no longer need to go through …

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Choosing Between Card Holders and Wallets

You have heard the term wallet severally. It has been around for use for centuries. Beginning as the small size of a rucksack, the small document holder decreased in size. However, it was still used to carry dried meat and money. But times have changed, and today, with the introduction of credit cards into the consumer market, more people have turned to something known as a cardholder. So, what is the difference? Why go for a cardholder and not a wallet? Card Holders advantage over Wallets 1. Easy to carry There is a new incarnation of wallets- the cardholder. These containers carry smaller yet compact creatures. A cardholder is more convenient than the wallet. It is small and can hold just a …

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How To Choose Art Pieces For Your Interior Décor

There are several ways to decorate your home. You can choose wallpapers, photos or pieces of art. The use of pieces of art as interior décor is currently very common. Most people tend to like it when fancy and novel pieces of art hang on their walls. In this post, we discuss how to choose the right piece of art for your interior décor. Factors to consider when choosing the right art pieces for your home décor When choosing the best art piece for your home décor, there are two primary factors to consider. They are; 1. Size One of the most important things you have to consider when choosing the ideal piece of art for your home is the size. First, you …

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